Sue Patterson

Whether you’re leaving the school system or switching from a more traditional homeschooling approach, I can help you figure out how to unschool in a way that will work for your family. 

I want to help you say goodbye to power struggles and worry.  You really can create an environment where you connect more with the kids – and they rekindle their love of learning!

As someone who’s “been there,” I can give you the support you need.

You don’t have to do this alone!

Sue Patterson Coaching Unschooling Mom2Mom
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…and a little ACTION on your part!

How I Help Families Like You!

I remember how worried I felt that my choices might close doors for my kids’ future successes in life.

We’re so indoctrinated to believe that there’s only One Right Way to Learn – and that’s not true!

I help parents see that they have so many options in how to rekindle their child’s love of learning and bring more connection back to your home life!

Private Coaching

This is the fastest way to conquer your specific fears and get answers to questions that make you hesitate. Sometimes parents gain the reassurance and clarity they need with one coaching call. Others set up regular meetings in an “Unschooling Personal Trainer” kind of way.
This is helpful for all the obstacles that pop up along the way.

Membership Group

Some people learn best in a community with other parents on a similar journey. If you feel isolated, this is the choice for you!

Sue’s group coaching program offers multiple Zoom calls each week, several platforms for the community to connect, and an enormous library of members-only unschooling resources.

Jumping Into Unschooling Course

Some people prefer to work their way through a course giving them the information they need on their own time schedule. This course is perfect for those new to unschooling, or those who feel it’s not working as well as they thought it would, offering 4 Modules with videos, resources, and inspiration for your unschooling adventure

Why Listen to Sue?

  • Sue has 25 Years of experience in the homeschooling/unschooling community
  • Sue has seen what works and what doesn’t.
  • Sue has raised 3 (now-grown) unschoolers and shares about that.
  • Sue is CONFIDENT that unschooling works!
  • Sue has spoken with thousands of parents!
  • Sue is frequently hired to speak at conferences and podcasts!
  • Sue was a psych nurse and knows how to listen and be understanding. 
  • Sue taught in nursing school and knows how to communicate effectively.
  • The Department of Defense brought Sue to Washington D.C. to help them create policies for U.S. homeschoolers living overseas.


  • Sue started as a mainstream suburban mom with no intention of homeschooling.
  • Sue remembers what it’s like to feel hesitant and fearful about this choice.
  • Sue continues to reach out to new families to help them find their way via various social media platforms
  • Sue is the podcast creator/host of the Unschooling Mom2Mom Podcast
  • Sue is the author of Homeschooled Teens: 75 Young People Speak about their Lives without School
  • Sue has been writing about natural learning and connective parenting since the 1990s, through blogs and national magazines.
  • More about Sue’s Family Journey to Unschooling