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The Unschooling Guide - Learning to Read

The Unschooling Guide - Learning to Read

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This Unschooling Guide is about how Unschoolers Learn to Read - without lesson plans, curriculum, or time lines. Wouldn't it be awesome to avoid the struggle of trying to teach reading to a child who often isn't ready or isn't interested? Unschooled kids do learn to read - yours can too!

Even if your child is already reading, this 25-page full-color guide contains prompts and suggestions to try, and Q&As from real unschooling parents who have been there. This guide will also help you in your own deschooling process. It’s amazing how many conditioned ideas lurk in the back of our minds. Reading through this guide and following the suggested links may dislodge some of those ideas that are no longer serving you.

You'll find:

  • Articles about Learning to Read from unschoolers around the world
  • How to create a pro-literacy environment in your home
  • The latest research on learning and teaching as it pertains to reading 
  • Practical suggestions on pre-reading skill development through play
  • Ways to make your time with your child more enjoyable for both of you as they learn to read
  • Resources, links, and inspiration for parents