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The Unschooling Guide: Academics Bundle (Buy 4 Get 1 Free)
The Unschooling Guide: Academics Bundle (Buy 4 Get 1 Free)
The Unschooling Guide: Academics Bundle (Buy 4 Get 1 Free)
The Unschooling Guide: Academics Bundle (Buy 4 Get 1 Free)
The Unschooling Guide: Academics Bundle (Buy 4 Get 1 Free)

The Unschooling Guide: Academics Bundle (Buy 4 Get 1 Free)

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Learn how unschoolers tackle the core elementary school academic skills, without resorting to a structured curriculum!  This PDF eBook bundle includes books on three basic school subjects: math, reading, and writing, plus a practical guide to strategies that help your child develop a joy for learning and build confidence in your unschooling. 

Included in this Package: 

The Unschooling Guide: Learning Math (Regular Price: $15

How Unschoolers Learn About Math - Without Lesson Plans, Curriculum, or Timelines

How many times have I heard someone say, "I like unschooling - but we’re going to use a math curriculum...because, you know, it’s MATH!" This 30-page guide will ease your mind on the topic of unschooling math. Math is all around us, every single day. It’s just waiting for us to notice! I’d like to help you see that math is simply a beautiful language full of tools, and solutions to problems that are woven throughout our lives. Listen to unschooling voices who’ve written to help you understand that math is nothing to fear.

The Unschooling Guide: Learning to Read (Regular price: $15)

This Unschooling Guide is about how Unschoolers Learn to Read - without lesson plans, curriculum, or time lines. Wouldn't it be awesome to avoid the struggle of trying to teach reading to a child who often isn't ready or isn't interested? Unschooled kids do learn to read - yours can too!

Even if your child is already reading, this 25-page full-color guide contains prompts and suggestions to try, and Q&As from real unschooling parents who have been there. This guide will also help you in your own deschooling process. It’s amazing how many conditioned ideas lurk in the back of our minds. Reading through this guide and following the suggested links may dislodge some of those ideas that are no longer serving you.

You'll find:

  • Articles about Learning to Read from unschoolers around the world
  • How to create a pro-literacy environment in your home
  • The latest research on learning and teaching as it pertains to reading 
  • Practical suggestions on pre-reading skill development through play
  • Ways to make your time with your child more enjoyable for both of you as they learn to read
  • Resources, links, and inspiration for parents

The Unschooling Guide: Learning to Write (Regular price: $15)

How DO unschoolers learn to write? This THIRTY-page guide will help you explore the possibilities and see writing in a completely different way from how you learned in school!

Some of what's in this Unschooling Guide:
  • Creating a writing-friendly home
  • Ideas for supporting a home full of writers
  • Learning styles and writing
  • Searching for stories in the community
  • Your own relationship to writing
  • Ways YOU can explore and model writing more
  • Deschooling and writing
  • Reasons our kids may want to write
  • What if they don't?
  • My son's path from non-writer to a degree in Journalism
  • Practical suggestions for writing
  • Ideas about publishing kids' writing
  • Extra Resources and Research links
  • Fun and inspiring memes about writing 

The Unschooling Guide: Am I Doing Enough (Regular Price: $15)

A common question from parents new to unschooling. Families may be concerned about educational activities, if their child has enough opportunities to explore and discover, or how the days are progressing. Parents waste a lot of time second-guessing themselves! This 24-page full-color Unschooling Guide will help you figure out if you're doing fine - or if you may need to change things up a bit. Here are a few of the topics and how we'll walk you through this question:

  • Practical suggestions for changes at home
  • Paying attention to community influence
  • Do we need more structure?
  • Thinking about priorities
  • Helpful tips
  • Journal prompts
  • Additional articles and resources