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Everything Counts
Everything Counts

Everything Counts

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Find subjects in everyday activities! 

Do you struggle to see the learning that occurs each day?

This Everything Counts ebook will help you see how subjects weave throughout all sorts of daily activities. After a little coaching on how this works, you'll see examples and suggestions for all the familiar subjects:  

  • Language Arts
  • Arithmetic
  • Geometry
  • Algebra
  • History/Geography
  • Cultural Studies
  • Foreign Language
  • Civics
  • Economics
  • Science
  • Fine Arts
  • Technology
  • Home Economics
  • Physical Education
  • Health
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Stress Management

Workbook pages are provided at the end to offer you the opportunity to dig a little deeper and see where to fit YOUR child's additional activities.

While this is designed to help parents of teens translate everyday life into academic language, parents with younger kids are reassured when they see how real life DOES provide ample opportunities for learning (and information for future transcripts!)