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Unschooling Crash Course

Crash Course in Unschooling

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A 5-day email course, helping parents create a quick unschooling foundation.

Confidence Building!
Fear Busting!


In this 5-Day Email series, you'll receive:

  • Information You Need to Lay the Groundwork
  • 50 page Workbook (gorgeous AND informative!)
  • Suggestions for Additional Resources

My goal is to make something geared for the busy parent who doesn't have time to sift through webpages and wait for weekly Q & A's.

Those are great - but this is more streamlined.

Here's how the week progresses:

Day 1 - Understanding Unschooling, Support, Legalities
Day 2 - FAQs and Fears
Day 3 - Individualizing Learning, curriculum, strengths
Day 4- Creating Structure, Practical Suggestions
Day 5 - Critics

Let's do this TOGETHER!