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Jumping Into Unschooling!
Jumping Into Unschooling!

Jumping Into Unschooling!

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This course is tailor-made for those parents who are new to unschooling! With 15 core videos, you'll learn how to cultivate a great learning environment, deschool your mindset, and SEE the education that's already taking place all around you!

  • UNSCHOOLING GROUNDWORK will give you the information and knowledge needed to be successful

  • OVERCOMING FEARS - wouldn't it be great to banish these fears once and for all! I have a strategy for this!

  • HOW DO UNSCHOOLERS LEARN? I'll share practical suggestions for your questions about the how, what and why unschoolers learn what they need to be successful in the world!

  • ROLE OF THE UNSCHOOLING PARENT - We’ll identify ways to parent that can strengthen your connections with the kids, increase the joy in your homes, and create a rich learning environment for your family.