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Unschooling Done FOR You

Do these scenarios sound familiar?

You love the idea of unschooling, but you're just outta gas?

You were creative BEFORE the pandemic, but it has sucked the enthusiasm right out of you?

You know that the kids aren't going back to school - and they're not going to do "school-at-home" with you as the teacher at the table either! 

You're wishing for a little "unschool hand-holding" so you can see what each of the kids needs - but it's too overwhelming to do yourself!

So Now What?

Picture this:

  • You have an unschooling coach with 25 years of experience walking alongside you. She's seen a LOT of kids and families and how to make this unschooling thing work!

  • She sends you a booklet to fill out, listing hobbies, interests, personality details of family members and you fill it out.

  • You meet and talk with her, listening to her suggestions for how to make this all come together.  She gives you A Customized Unschooling Plan that's a perfect fit for you and the kids.

  • Then you meet with her once a month, for the next 4 months - with 30 minute check-ins to help you with any obstacles that may have surfaced for make modifications based on what's working. 

And you have someone in your corner! Someone who can remind you of the successes that are ACTUALLY happening, but you're too buried in laundry and distractions that you don't really focus on those.

That would be a WAY DIFFERENT SEMESTER, right?


Only available to a limited number of people
- but this could really be what you need!

 Everyone's family and schedule is going to look differently. When there's no set formula for how to "make things work," parents can get frustrated and throw in the towel.

I don't want you to do that!

Remember that there is no "Academic Crisis!" If the kids don't learn their times table by a certain age, it really doesn't matter. We've been conditioned to believe that every child needs every subject all the time! And while most subjects do weave in and out of our daily activities, humans naturally gravitate toward their strengths. That's where we start!

Unschooling is about building a strong relationship with your kids.
Learning happens as a byproduct of a full rich life.
That's what I'd like to create with you!


Who this is NOT for:

  1.  Families looking for someone else to unschool their children
  2. Families looking for curriculum to follow
  3. Families looking for ways to coerce and control their kids - "but nicely."