Unschooling DIY - Welcome!

I'm so excited to be able to offer this little corner of the web for your Unschooling DIY journey!

I know you can do this!

Be sure to check your email regularly from me. That's the fastest way to get the new information. If you click reply - even just to say, "Hi! I got it!" - then your email server will keep me in your inbox instead of your Spam file (hopefully!) 

Unschooling DIY Subscriber Benefits

  • Monday email with links to:
    • The Weekly Podcast
    • Coaching Inspiration
    • Unschooling Action Steps

  • Monthly Unschool Strewing Calendar
    • Printable/downloadable calendar 
    • Links for little celebrations for each day of the month
    • Additional fun learning links added weekly in Sunday email
  • In the News articles
    • Now available here in the "vault" for you
    • Separated by topic for easy viewing

  • Helping Our Kids Connect
    • Use this Google Doc to share your child's hobbies if they're looking for others who share their interests.
    • Add you and your child's information - and be sure to check your email in case someone contacts you with kids interested in the same!

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Weekly Reminders:

Unschooling DIY on Mondays - my weekly email to you with all the goodies!
I'll include links for the Strewing Calendar updates and additional articles added in here - but you can usually find it updated by Sunday evening.

Unschooling Q & A  on Tuesdays - it's your place to ask unschooling questions each week. It's a thread in the free Unschooling Mom2Mom FB group that stays open for a couple of hours (kind of like "office hours.")

Unschooling Updates on Fridays - unschooling resources for the community emailed every week, including some helpful Unschooling Qs & As.