Unschooling DIY - Unschool Strewing Calendar

Here's the link for this month's Unschool Strewing Calendar:




Monday, Jan 25th - Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

Tuesday, Jan 26th - Peanut Brittle Day

Wednesday, Jan 27th - Mozart's Birthday

Thursday, Jan 28th - National Kazoo Day

Friday, Jan 29th - Oprah Winfrey's Birthday

Saturday, Jan 30th - Croissant Day

Sunday, Jan 31st - Hot Chocolate Day



    Earlier this Month:

    Friday, Jan 1 - New Year's Day

    Saturday, Jan 2 - Cream Puff Day

    Sunday, Jan 3 - Festival of Sleep Day

    Monday, Jan 4 - Trivia Day

    Tuesday, Jan 5 - National Screenwriters Day

    Wednesday, Jan 6 - National Technology Day

    Thursday, Jan 7 - National Tempura Day

    Friday, Jan 8 - Elvis Presley's Birthday

    Saturday, Jan 9 - National Balloon Ascension Day

    Sunday, Jan 10 - Peculiar People Day

    Monday, Jan 11 - National Milk Day

    Tuesday, Jan 12 - National Marzipan Day

    Wednesday, Jan 13 - Rubber Duckie Day

    Thursday, Jan 14 - National Kite Day

    Friday, Jan 15 - National Hat Day

    Saturday, Jan 16 - Appreciate a Dragon Day

    Sunday, Jan 17 - Kid Inventors Day

    Monday, Jan 18th - Martin Luther King Day

    Tuesday, Jan 19th - Popcorn Day

    Wednesday, Jan 20th - Penguin Awareness Day

    Thursday, Jan 21st - New England Clam Chowder Day

    Friday, Jan 22nd - Blondie Day

    Saturday, Jan 23rd - Handwriting Day

    Sunday, Jan 24th - Peanut Butter Day