Unschooling DIY - Unschool Strewing Calendar

Here's the link for this month's Unschool Strewing Calendar:





Monday, August 2nd - Coloring Book Day

Tuesday, August 3rd - Watermelon Day

Wednesday, August 4th - Louis Armstrong’s Birthday

Thursday, August 5th - Underwear Day

Friday, August 6th - Water Balloon Day

Saturday, August 7th - Root Beer Float Day

Sunday, August 8th - Dollar Day



    Thursday, July 1st - World Joke Day

    Friday, July 2nd - UFO Day

    Saturday, July 3rd - Chocolate Wafer Day

    Sunday, July 4th - Build a Scarecrow Day

    Monday, July 5th - P.T. Barnum’s Birthday

    Tuesday, July 6th - Fried Chicken Day

    Wednesday, July 7th - Strawberry Sundae Day

    Thursday, July 8th - National Video Game Day

    Friday, July 9th - Donkey Kong Day

    Saturday, July 10th - National Kitten Day

    Sunday, July 11th - Miniature Golf Day

    Monday, July 12th - Pecan Pie Day

    Tuesday, July 13th - International Rock Day

    Wednesday, July 14th - Shark Awareness Day

    Thursday, July 15th - Gummi Worm Day

    Friday, July 16th - World Snake Day

    Saturday, July 17th - World Emoji Day

    Sunday, July 18th - Ice Cream Day

    Monday, July 19th - Hug Your Kids Day

    Tuesday, July 20th - Space Exploration Day

    Wednesday July 21st - No Pet Store Puppies Day

    Thursday, July 22nd - Hammock Day

    Friday, July 23rd- Olympics Starting Day

    Saturday, July 24th - Amelia Earhart Day

    Sunday, July 25th - Chili Dog Day

    Monday, July 26th - Wonderland Day

    Tuesday, July 27th - Crème Brûlée Day

    Wednesday, July 28th - Buffalo Soldiers Day

    Thursday, July 29th - Lipstick Day

    Friday, July 30th - Cheesecake Day

    Saturday, July 31st - World Ranger Day

    Sunday, August 1st - Spider-Man Day