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September 2021


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Monday, September 20th - Punch Day

Tuesday, September 21st - Stephen King’s Birthday

Wednesday, September 22nd - Autumn Equinox

Thursday, September 23rd - International Sign Language Day

Friday, September 24th - Jim Henson’s Birthday

Saturday, September 25th - Comic Book Day

Sunday, September 26th - Pancake Day

Last Month:​​

Sunday, September 19th - Talk Like a Pirate Day

Saturday, September 18th - Rice Krispie Treat Day

Friday, September 17th - Apple Dumpling Day

Thursday, September 16th - Play-Doh Day

Wednesday, September 15th - Make a Hat Day

Tuesday, September 14th - International Crab Fest Day

Monday, September 13th - Roald Dahl’s Birthday

Sunday, September 12th - Day of the Programmer

Saturday, September 11th - Hot Crossed Buns Day

Friday, September 10th - International Makeup Day

Thursday, September 9th - Teddy Bear Day

Wednesday, September 8th - Star Trek Day

Tuesday, September 7th - Salami Day

Monday, September 6th - Labor Day

Sunday, September 5th - Freddie Mercury’s Birthday

Saturday, September 4th - National Hummingbird Day

Friday, September 3rd - Skyscraper Day

Thursday, September 2nd - Coconut Day

Wednesday, September 1st - National Chess Day

Tuesday, August 31st - Eat Outside Day

Monday, August 30th - Frankenstein Day

Sunday, August 29th - International Bat Nights

Saturday, August 28th - Power Rangers Day

Friday, August 27th - National Burger Day

Thursday, August 26th - Toilet Paper Day

Wednesday, August 25th - Tim Burton’s Birthday

Tuesday, August 24th - Waffle Day

Monday, August 23rd - Sponge Cake Day

Sunday, August 22nd - Neptune’s Rings are Discovered

Saturday, August 21st - Honey Bee Awareness Day

Friday, August 20th - National Radio Day

Thursday, August 19th - World Photo Day

Wednesday, August 18th - Fajita Day

Tuesday, August 17th - I Love My Feet Day

Monday, August 16th - Roller Coaster Day

Sunday, August 15th - Lemon Meringue Pie Day

Saturday, August 14th - Bowling Day

Friday, August 13th - Annie Oakley’s Birthday

Thursday, August 12th - Vinyl Record Day

Wednesday, August 11th - Raspberry Tart

Tuesday, August 10th - World Lions Day

Monday, August 9th - Book Lovers Day

Sunday, August 8th - Dollar Day

Saturday, August 7th - Root Beer Float Day

Friday, August 6th - Water Balloon Day

Thursday, August 5th - Underwear Day

Wednesday, August 4th - Louis Armstrong’s Birthday

Tuesday, August 3rd - Watermelon Day

Monday, August 2nd - Coloring Book Day

Sunday, August 1st - Spider-Man Day