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March 2021


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THIS WEEK​​​​​​​


      Monday, Mar 1st - Peace Corps Day

      Tuesday, Mar 2nd - World Teen Mental Wellness Day

      Wednesday, Mar 3rd - Japanese Doll Festival

      Thursday, Mar 4th - Pound Cake Day

      Friday, Mar 5th - Dress in Blue Day

      Saturday, Mar 6th - Oreo Cookie Day

      Sunday, Mar 7th - World Book Day

      Last Month:

      Sunday, Feb 28th - Oscar Night

      Saturday, Feb 27th - International Polar Bear Day

      Friday, Feb 26th - Tell a Fairy Tale Day

      Thursday, Feb 25th - National Pancake Day

      Wednesday, Feb 24th - Tortilla Chip Day

      Tuesday, Feb 23rd - Tennis Day

      Monday, Feb 22nd - Walking the Dog Day

      Sunday, Feb 21st - Sticky Bun Day

      Saturday, Feb 20th - Sidney Poitier's Birthday (and Sue Patterson's Birhtday!)

      Friday, Feb 19th - Chocolate Mint Day

      Thursday, Feb 18th - National Battery Day

      Wednesday, Feb 17th - Random Acts of Kindness Day

      Tuesday, Feb 16th - King Tut Day

      Monday, Feb 15th - Gumdrop Day

      Sunday, Feb 14th - Ferris Wheel Day

      Saturday, Feb 13th - World Radio Day

      Friday, Feb 12th - Paul Bunyan Day

      Thursday, Feb 11th - Get Out Your Guitar Day

      Wednesday, Feb 10th - Umbrella Day

      Tuesday, Feb 9th - National Pizza Day

      Monday, Feb 8th - Opera Day

      Sunday, Feb 7th - Period Table Day

      Saturday, Feb 6th - Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

      Friday, Feb 5th - Chocolate Fondue Day

      Thursday, Feb 4th - Johann Ludwig Bach’s Birthday

      Wednesday, Feb 3rd - Feed the Birds Day

      Tuesday, Feb 2nd - Day of the Crêpe

      Monday, Feb 1st - Freedom Day