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June 2021


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THIS WEEK​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Monday, June 14th - Strawberry Shortcake Day

Tuesday, June 15th - Fly a Kite Day

Wednesday, June 16th - World Sea Turtle Day

Thursday, June 17th - Root Beer Day

Friday, June 18th - Wear Blue Day

Saturday, June 19th - Juneteenth

Sunday, June 20th - Vanilla Milkshake Day

Last Month:​​

Sunday, June 13th - Sewing Machine Day

Saturday, June 12th - Magic Day

Friday, June 11th - Corn on the Cob Day

Thursday, June 10th - Judy Garland’s Birthday

Wednesday, June 9th - Donald Duck Day

Tuesday, June 8th - World Ocean Day

Monday, June 7th - National Boone Day

Sunday June 6th - National Yo-Yo Day

Saturday, June 5thGingerbread Day

Friday, June 4th - National Doughnut Day

Thursday, June 3rd - Wonder Woman Day

Wednesday, June 2nd - National Rocky Road Day

Tuesday, June 1st - Nail Polish Day

Monday, May 31st - Macaron Day

Sunday, May 23rd - Taffy Day

Saturday, May 22nd - Sherlock Holmes Day

Friday, May 21st - Talk Like Yoda Day

Thursday, May 20th - Bee Day

Wednesday, May 19th - Plant a Vegetable Garden

Tuesday, May 18th - Museum Day

Monday, May 17th - Cherry Cobbler Day

Sunday, May 16th - National Sea Monkey Day

Saturday, May 15th - Straw Hat Day

Friday, May 14th - Buttermilk Biscuit Day

Thursday, May 13th - National Apple Pie Day

Wednesday, May 12th - Limerick Day

Tuesday, May 11th - Twilight Zone Day

Monday, May 10th - Windmill Day

Sunday, May 9th - J.M. Barrie's Birthday

Saturday, May 8th - Red Cross and Red Crescent Day

Friday, May 7th - Space Day

Thursday, May 6th - Nurses Day

Wednesday, May 5th - Cinco De Mayo/Cartoonist Day

Tuesday, May 4th - Star Wars Day

Monday, May 3rd - Paranormal Day

Sunday, May 2nd - Truffle Day

Saturday, May 1st - May Day

Friday, Apr 30th - International Jazz Day

Thursday, Apr 29th - International Dance Day

Wednesday, Apr 28th - Blueberry Pie Day

Tuesday, Apr 27th - Babe Ruth Day

Monday, Apr 26th - Get Organized Day

Sunday, Apr 25th - Telephone Day

Saturday, Apr 24th - Pigs in a Blanket Day

Friday, Apr 23rd - Talk Like Shakespeare Day

Thursday, Apr 22nd - Jelly Bean Day/Earth Day

Wednesday, Apr 21st - Charlotte Bronte's Birthday

Tuesday, Apr 20th - Pineapple Upside Down Cake Day

Monday, Apr 19th - National Poker

Sunday, Apr 18th - World Juggler's Day

Saturday, Apr 17th - Bat Appreciation Day

Friday, Apr 16th - Stress Awareness Day

Thursday, Apr 15th - National ASL Day

Wednesday, Apr 14th - National Dolphin Day

Tuesday, Apr 13th - Scrabble Day

Monday, Apr 12th - Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

Sunday, Apr 11th - Barbershop Quartet Day

Saturday, Apr 10th - Safety Pin Day

Friday, Apr 9th - Unicorn Day

Thursday, Apr 8th - Draw a Bird Day

Wednesday, Apr 7th - International Beaver Day

Tuesday, Apr 6th - Teflon Day

Monday, Apr 5th - Deep Dish Pizza Day

Sunday, Apr 4th - Carrot Day

Saturday, Apr 3rd - World Party Day

Friday, Apr 2nd - Peanut Butter and Jelly Day

Thursday, Apr 1st - April Fool's Day

Wednesday, Mar 31st - Crayon Day

Tuesday, Mar 30th - National Doctors Day

Monday, Mar 29th - Smoke and Mirrors Day

Sunday, Mar 28th - Black Forest Cake

Saturday, Mar 27th - World Theatre Day

Friday, Mar 26th - Tolkien Reading Day

Thursday, Mar 25th - Waffle Day

Wednesday, Mar 24th - Dorothy Height's Birthday

Tuesday, Mar 23rd - National Puppy Day

Monday, Mar 22nd - Emancipation Day in Puerto Rico

Sunday, Mar 21th - Corn Dog Day

Saturday, Mar 20th - Spring Equinox

Friday, Mar 19th - National Certified Nurses Day

Thursday, Mar 18th - Sloppy Joe's Day

Wednesday, Mar 17th - Submarine Day/St. Patrick's Day

Tuesday, Mar 16th - Panda Day

Monday, Mar 15th - Napping Day

Sunday, Mar 14th - Pi Day

Saturday, Mar 13th - Chicken Noodle Soup Day

Friday, Mar 12th - Alfred Hitchcock Day

Thursday, Mar 11th - World Plumbing Day

Wednesday, Mar 10th - Mario Day

Tuesday, Mar 9th - Barbie Day

Monday, Mar 8th - Anne Bonny's Birthday

Sunday, Mar 7th - World Book Day

Saturday, Mar 6th - Oreo Cookie Day

Friday, Mar 5th - Dress in Blue Day

Thursday, Mar 4th - Pound Cake Day

Wednesday, Mar 3rd - Japanese Doll Festival

Tuesday, Mar 2nd - World Teen Mental Wellness Day

Monday, Mar 1st - Peace Corps Day