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The internet is fabulous, but sometimes it’s hard to sift through it all to find someone who can REALLY help you!  Let these lovely people reassure that you’ve come to the right place!


Read the Feedback:



Sue has a wealth of knowledge on homeschooling and unschooling. In one call she helped me uncover the confidence I needed to make the decision to homeschool my son. A wonderful coach + all that knowledge = excellence.

 ~ Tracy C., Lexington, KY



Sue brings years of unschooling and homeschooling experience to her coaching. She’s is a fantastic listener who is gentle and non-judgmental. I found it invaluable to have someone to speak to whom I could bounce my fears, frustrations and general questions off of. Since she’s actually been in the trenches of all aspects of homeschooling, Sue is an invaluable resource for quieting the inner turmoil that is so common in the minds of parents on this alternative education path. She helped me to clarify in my own mind where I actually was and where we wanted to be as a family, offering practical tools and resources along the way. Working with Sue was a fantastically positive experience.

~Stacy W., California



I was overwhelmed, confused, and had lots and lots of questions! Sue was very knowledgeable and reassuring – I was so relieved to have insight from an experienced unschooler. She has great listening skills and provided such valuable information. She removed a great deal of pressure and stress off my shoulders as well as my daughter’s. Sue helped me see that other possibilities exist out there.

 ~Audrey P., Warsaw, Poland





Even though I have never met Sue, talking on the phone with her was like meeting an old friend. The conversation flowed easily and yet it was also easy for me to guide us toward what I wanted to talk about. Sue has many resources at her fingertips, from being deeply connected in the unschooling community, to many stories of how unschooling looks in different families. To top it all off, her deep commitment to my (and all unschoolers) success shone through the whole conversation. I left feeling reassured that there is a way to make this work fo my family, even if it is hard sometimes, I can do it. Thank you, Sue!

~Hilary H., Sedona, Arizona



Sue has a flexible approach to coaching and is willing to offer a variety of different tools in order to find the one that works best for each situation. I was having some overwhelming fears, and she not only helped me work through them, she also followed up with me and supported me the day I faced them, too. Her caring compassion meant so much to me. I really felt she was rooting for me. That kind of support is priceless! I would highly recommend Sue’s coaching!

 ~ Cathy D., Sacramento, CA



Sue, you have such great wisdom and practical advice. I LOVE your relaxed approached about learning and life. You help take the anxiety out of unschooling/homeschooling. DON’T STRESS…they will learn what they need/want to learn when they need it! Your children’s lives are proof of that! You helped me to see that learning is a natural process and it’s happening all the time. Life is not split into subjects…it’s a natural process that we live in. It’s learning to recognize and seize those life learning moments and enjoy them naturally without overthinking them.
This is only our first year homeschooling and I’m excited and looking forward to seeing my children develop and grow in ways beyond what I can even imagine!I started our session unsure of a some things, but ended it with so much knowledge and advice – I felt informed and empowered! 

 ~ Vanessa, Georgia



 Initially I was concerned about this choice but excited to talk to Sue.  But the end of our session, I was confident, reassured, armed with great ideas to try!

~Christina B., California 



I was feeling nervous about homeschooling/unschooling and was actually thinking it was a weird thing to do. But Sue is open, non-judgemental and keeps the conversation flowing in such a constructive manner. It was very easy to open up and speak to her about personal matters.

~Julie S., Canada



As my coach, Sue’s calming presence and intuitive questioning kept me engaged in exploring what was possible for me. I came from a corporate work environment and was in such turmoil after being laid off. Sue helped me see the value of my experience, skills and talents as they might relate to another profession. The most wonderful part of working with Sue was her loving guidance in helping me recognize my fears and giving me some coping mechanisms to acknowledge the fear and move forward in spite of it. Her style made me comfortable and challenged at the same time, but her positive attitude kept me motivated. I highly recommend Sue as a coach. Coaching with Sue is the ultimate investment in your self-care.

 ~ Tina M., New Orleans, LA



Sue listens! She roots out the triggers, provides objective views and offers solutions that you wouldn’t see because you aren’t “there” yet. Also because you’re often mired in emotion. I needed help from someone with grown unschoolers who could guide me through this particular teen age and issues. I was afraid one of my children’s anxiety issues would reappear if I didn't control everything, plus dealing with hubby's possible blame to me for her possible "failures". 

Sue’s coaching gave me a new perspective and renewed my confidence. My best advice to other parents is:  Don’t hesitate!

- Melissa, Maryland 



Thank you for your updates, Sue.  We’ve been doing this for a long time now (16 years or so), and I never get tired of learning more about homeschooling and parenting. I recently listened to your two part conversation with Pam Laricchia on homeschooling teens and it was a life-saver for me.  Thank you for sharing your experiences, enthusiasm and optimism. Super inspiring. :)

- Ali, Crawford Bay, B.C.



Sue helped me understand that I could trust my son to come around to his interests on his own time-after needing time to decompress after a negative school experience. She is passionate about unschooling and can help you make sense of it for your situation. 

- Tracy, NC


Sue always helps me remember this is a good choice - even when I’m having a bad day! Sue is energetic and confident and always seems to know the answer I need! I love every zoom call during the week and talking with like-minded people. If you’re considering coaching with Sue, all I can say is just do it! 

- Arika, Texas



I am the mom that always planned to homeschool her child.  I am the mom with the courage to swim against the current. The one who became the black sheep of her family for embracing unschooling.  I am also the mom of THAT kid.

Coming to unschooling wasn’t a choice, it wasn’t an option, and it wasn’t what I had planned; it was a necessity.  Yeah, a necessity. You see, I am the mom of what some people coin as a willful or spirited child. I have had to choose relationship over anything else where this special one is concerned and the radical unschooling paradigm is my bridge to that endeavor.

Our journey does not and probably will not ever look like the the shiny sailing vessels that you see plying the waters of the unschooling sea, where days are sunny and bright and everything feels just right.  There was no safe harbor for our ship with it’s worn sails and barnacle laden underbelly on that sea. So we kept sailing and I kept looking for a mooring suitable for such an unusual spectacle and her umbrageous cargo.  At such a pace, with our ship coming apart at the seams, it seemed the unschooling sea was turning on us, or were we turning on it? We’ve experienced hurricane force winds, we’ve run aground and been in irons on more than one occasion.  This sea was not living up to the expectations we developed from reading the brochure! Time to call for a sea rescue and a complete overhaul of our vessel. We deployed our EPIRB and sure enough help arrived and I am proud to say that an overhaul is in progress. 

I cannot, could not, would not and shall not attempt that sea again without a seasoned captain aboard. Someday, when our sea-legs are fully developed we will sail that sea wing in wing, but for now our hired captain keeps us pointing safely in to the wind so that we are able to continue to believe in our sailing plans, all the while knowing that we are still on course.

Sue Patterson’s coaching services have been our saving grace.  She has literally kept us from sailing off of our own chart!   

Sue, I cannot thank you enough for being there for me.

M.H. in Washington



I found Sue through her Unschooling Mom2Mom group. She has experience, exudes joy and is willing and eager to truly support people new to this lifestyle.

I had a lot of fear surrounding how we can make this work for our family.

But Sue was loving, joyful and non-judgmental. I felt unconditionally accepted and heard. Sometimes I can't see the 'forest for the trees' as i am just starting out. I think 'if it's happening now it will be happening forever!' Due to Sue's children being grown, she can look back and share how things turned out, and how the experience of unschooling is a wide arc with lots of time and possibilities. She helped me form connections that would have taken me longer on my own, especially as a single parent with a very limited face to face support circle.

I was starting to believe that I wouldn't be able to continue unschooling, but she saw the possibilities and how I could learn to see them too by really honing in on the irrationality of my fears. She affirmed how I can be strong by not needing approval from others. Her workbook showed me how I can face it all by relating to my own experience of schools and teachers and what was most helpful for me when I was a child.

I’d recommend Sue as a coach/mentor because she really cares, carries the joyful spirit of unschooling/peaceful parenting and her devotion to her facebook group as well as private sessions.

I could have gone through a similar process on my own just by reading and researching within the facebook groups, however, it would have taken a lot longer. I found the workbook she gave me put it all together in a coherent fashion instead of having many aspects of deschooling swirling around in my head and popping up in our circumstances. She offers ways to connect locally, which is harder for me than I thought it would be, and added me to a group that has others in it of a similar situation to mine. Most dear to me was her sharing personal stories of her children, several experiences very similar to my son’s.

Sue treated me the way I want to treat my son. I felt loved and accepted by her and for me that is just perfect, even though none of us are really perfect, we are perfected in acceptance.

- Tamara, Ontario, Canada



I've been rabidly curious about unschooling but very intimidated by some of the viewpoints and opinions I've encountered.  It felt like an all or nothing proposition, something I am incapable of right this minute because I'm still learning and, quite honestly, have a lot of ground to cover.  I found the information practical, helpful (listing reasons for homeschooling, keeping a journal, etc.) and encouraging. I left thinking, "I can do family can do this."  And I loved that you exhorted us to "let go of familiarity" and to question ideas governed by "easy" and "fear". You are totally meeting me right where I am.

- Melanie, California




Sue's work is always nurturing, informed, inspiring, reassuring, confidence building, humorous, focused on parent/child relationship.I needed help trusting my decision as a parent to do what was right for my child when I took her out of public school, seeking empowerment for our choice to unschool, and looking for resources.

Sue is an endless source of clear, honest support, strategies, solutions, alleviates doubt & fears, provides encouragement & empowerment, puts parent/child relationship first & foremost, provides incredible learning opportunities & resources.

Life constantly throws curveballs and a great coach can guide you to know for yourself which ball is worth catching & which is worth getting out of the way. Sue is that coach & she believes in you.

- Becky, Illinois



I thought I could gain enough skills by  scanning the Facebook groups, and, reading blogs and books, but because unschooling is so unique to each family, even though concepts are similar to other families, the personalities of each member of the family are not.  I was amazed at how in just one simple exchange about what is going on with me and my children, I was able to move past each issue that was brought up with such confidence, that what seemed to be a mountain of a problem before, was now simple with attainable goals. 

I initially didn't feel as if the coaching could improve much in our lives.  But, I was shown to be mistaken, and in every stage of your unschooling, Sue's mentorship is priceless.  

Every day, I use the tools offered by Sue and am so thankful that the future is seen with delight, vs, anxiety and fear.

- Joanna, NJ




I chose to work with Sue because I was feeling a little lost and unsure of my decision to return to unschooling. Her coaching gave me encouragement to research and define for myself what learning and education is and to have the confidence to carry it out in my family, regardless of what other people (the experts, the education industry, other Homeschoolers) thought about it.  I gained a greater peace in my family, a focus on family relationships and being available and approachable for my teens, and not constantly trying to hold them accountable for doing arbitrarily defined educational things.

- Kimm, Georgia



 I wanted a coach because I needed help with my boys and unschooling. Sue was open and honest and this ultimately led to my feeling more confident. I’d recommend Sue’s coaching to anyone because she knows her stuff!

- Tamara, Iowa



 I needed help getting unschooling to work in our family. I was looking for a long-term, very experienced unschooler to help me. Sue has that experience and is a thoughtful unschooling mother who helps you put things in perspective in a kind, gentle and reassuring way.
I liked the option of the group coaching, because it seems that it will provide a steady presence over time. I go through periods where I need more help or support, then others when things are going fine. The group coaching option allows me the possibility to stay connected and get help when I need it, but not feel like I have a session I have paid for "today" and I have to get all I can out of it today because this is my one shot.
- Susan, Argentina