Member Resources - Creating Confidence Hub

Quiz Results!

I've created an Unschooling Success Path to help you develop the confidence you need to be successful! The Membership Hub (almost ready!) will have resources to help you - based upon the area you've identified as your most problematic.

Looking at your Quiz Results:

If you have mainly A's - You're in Stage 1

If you have mainly B's - You're in Stage 2

If you have mainly C's - You're in Stage 3

If you have mainly D's - You're in Stage 4

If you have mainly E's - You're in Stage 5

And yes, most of us have a lot of overlap! You'll start in the stage that is giving you the most grief. Remember, there's no rush. We'll work through it together on Coaching Calls, in the FB group, and on WhatsApp. And you'll have the website to work through the resources I've accumulated and created over the years.

Send me quick message to tell me what Stage you're in.

I have something fun for us to do!