Sue's Podcasts

My 5 minute (but realistically sometimes almost 10 minute)
podcast to help you grow your unschooling confidence. 

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Here are the 2021 Recordings:

The Pros & Cons of Unschooling

Why Unschoolers are Skipping School

The Back-to-School Hype

Doubts & Second-Guessing - 6 Steps to Solid Ground


Finding and Building Community

Structures, Schedules... and Unschooling

Growing Your Confidence

What Really Matters


Anticipating Mother's Day

Teens and College

Lacking Motivation


Am I Doing Enough?

The Lure of Curriculum 

Unschooling Math

Focus on Strengths

Unschooling and Writing

5 Reasons Homeschooling is EASIER

Your Unschooling Curriculum

Your Unschooling Curriculum
"Shownotes" at the blog 

Your Parenting Journey

Unschooling Parents' Journey 
"Show Notes" are written up as a blogpost, if you'd like to read it or share it. 

Learning to Read - as Unschoolers

Unschooling Guide: Reading (Revised)

Clubhouse - Our Virtual Parkday

Unschoolers & Clubhouse blogpost by Sue

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Getting Antsy About Deschooling

Your Deschooling Checklist PDF
Notice Learning & Fueling Interests

Noticing in the New Year



Here are the 2020 Recordings:

Podcast #1 - Let's Do This!

Podcast #2 - What IS Unschooling? 

Podcast #3 - Myths & Misconceptions

Podcast #4 - How to Start Unschooling

Podcast #5 - Your Unschooling Home

Your Unschooling Home PDF

Podcast #6 - Teaching, Learning, and Partnering

Teaching, Learning, Partnering Worksheets (PDF)

Podcast #7 - What's Your "Why?"

(and the Mini-Workbook)

Podcast #8 - Overcoming Fear

25 Questions to Ask Yourself (PDF)

Podcast #9 - Your Own Philosophy

Creating Your Own Philosophy about Learning PDF

Podcast #10 - Deschooling - for HOW long?

Podcast #11 - Let's Talk About the Teens

Unschooling Your Teens Ebook
Rethinking Subjects Overview
Rethinking Subjects Worksheets
Teens & Transcripts Workbook

Podcast #12: When Dad's Not Into Unschooling 

Workbook: Connecting with Your Spouse When the Topic is Unschooling PDF 

Podcast #13: Dealing with Critical Relatives


Podcast #14: Unschooling & Gratitude 


Podcast #15: How Unschoolers Avoid Holiday Stress

Holiday Learning: Let's Break It Down PDF
Holiday Learning: 1-page PDF
Holiday Learning: YouTube Video

Podcast #16: Your Joy Quest

What do you need? PDF 

Podcast #17: Add Sparkle

Toni Morrison Interview

Podcast #18: Goodbye 2020 - Hello 2021!

New Year's Guide
Video Interviews
Conversation Starter Cards
Gratitude Guide
Brainstorming Guide