Parents of Teens

Remember that the Coaching Call for Parents of Teens happens every 2nd and 4th Friday on Zoom.
You can get details about the upcoming call as well as easily access the recordings of past calls. 


I can't recommend this book enough! It's old, but it's so helpful. When we parent teens, we can get really scared of some of their choices - and that makes us want to control them.. which, of course, backfires. This book really helped me - and countless other unschooling parents.

Recordings and Slides here

Teen Connections

Helping Our Kids Connect
Add your information (and your kids' interests) to find others who share that interest and may like to connect. Currently, this is open to Creating Confidence Members and Unschooling DIY Subscribers.

Game Night
Watch the weekly emails for links on Saturday nights (not all) for a quick hour of Werewolf (or something else fun). A great way for kids within the group to get to know each other.

Thursdays - 12N Eastern - 15+
Saturdays = 12N Eastern - 10-15 (all playing)


Unschooling & Transcripts

The video is coming. The original rough draft had a ton of tech issues, but it's in the Units area of the FB group while you wait.

Download the Workbook
It can be used on its own.


 Hesitant Teens Workshop

Grown Unschooler, Alyssa Patterson joins us to talk about questions your teens have.



Back in 2017, we did a workshop/book club on this book. I'm revising it for us now in 2020. But all the old slides (with TONS of notes) are available here.


Learning without a Curriculum

Is it too Late to Unschool a Teen?

Can Parents and Teens Be Friends?

Are You Listening to Me?

Parenting Teens, A Hands-On Approach

Heroes in Training

Unschooling Teens & Sleep

Unschooling Transcripts

7 Shocking Facts about Unschooling Your Teen

Learning from the Teens

Understanding Your Teen's Brain

Six Steps to Parenting Teens and Young Adults




 EU Podcast #3: Unschooling Teens with Sue Patterson



 Interview with Jeremy Stuart: Author Your Own Life



Unschooling and the Teen Years Part 1


 Unschooling and the Teen Years, Part 2


Arizona State University "Study Hall"


Extra Resources for you!

Brainstorming Ideas PDF

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75 Ways to Connect with Your Teen