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You have a variety of options to get the support that fits you best!

UM2M Support & Resources

If you're pretty comfortable with unschooling, but you'd simply like more tools to work with - or you're looking for tools to help you with your own deschooling - the UM2M Support and Resources Subscription is probably best.

Creating Confidence Membership Program

If you'd prefer more coaching and a community of unschoolers to encourage and help you along the path - especially when you can get that WITH all the resources from UM2M Support/Resources, plus more! Then the Creating Confidence membership would be a better fit. 

Let's compare the options:


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UM2M Support & Resources              Creating Confidence Membership


Parents of Teens Membership  

This is a new membership-within-a-membership! Creating Confidence members have access to all of the resources we have for parents of teens. And vice versa! Here's what is included:

  • 2 Group Coaching Calls each month to provide resources and connections for parents unschooling their teens.
  • Article Collection - with new articles weekly that pertain to parenting teens
  • Monthly theme based on polling results from the group members
  • Unschooling Resources specific to parenting teens

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