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Hey Clubhouse Friends!

Glad you made it over here. I'm listing the resources that I mention on the calls each week. Reach out if you need more help:

Unschooling Mom2Mom "Room"
Mondays 1 PM Central


A couple of Unschooling Guides to help you dive deeper on the topic:

Books for Parents of Teens:

Would your husband be interested in an Unschooling Dad2Dad room on Clubhouse? As more dads are becoming involved, this might be a good thing to do! DM me on Instagram



For Questions about Technology


Deeper Dives on Topics/Obstacles


4 Helpful FB Groups


Books & Resources


More to Read...

An Unschooler's Manifesto


Books for Parents of Teens:

Podcasts Mentioned

Honey I'm Homeschooling the Kids



Unschooling Mom2Mom Facebook Group

  • Unschooling Q & A on Tuesdays from 12-2 PM (Central)with Sue and other longtime unschoolers
  • Lots of resources in the "Guides" at this group (used to be "Units")
  • Use this document to find threads with Unschoolers in each state and many countries. (Only group members can access this)

YouTube: Unschooling Mom2Mom