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Behind the Scenes...

In case you're wondering what's happening over at the Pattersons... not much really. 

I'm diving into projects online, while still recovering from the shoulder surgery. I'm shocked it's still painful. But the ortho told me, it's not that it's going to be super painful - you've already had that part. But the recovery period os sooo long for shoulders. It gets annoying. Yeah... I see what he meant.

We have had a couple of bright spots in all of this.


The Isolated Grandparents (Ron and me) ding-dong-ditched Alyssa’s house, dropping off apples, TP and a bunch of toys that could keep Jackson happy for a little longer.
Then we ran (well, figuratively speaking) to the back and lifted his bike onto their patio - with the leftover 5 Mylar balloon from his party (that seems like eons ago) tied onto it! We texted Alyssa and jack to come to the back patio door.

And.... surprise!!!

She handed over a wicker chair from the patio and i sat it in the grass while we chatted 6 ft (more actually) apart.
We all needed that!

And now I think they’re off to get more fresh air on this beautiful day!




The Isolated Grandparents had some surprise visitors yesterday in the driveway!

Sorry the window screen interferes, but you get the gist of it! 😂

Then they came around to the back patio and showed us what they had made through the living room window. 💖

Since the playgrounds are closed, and we were inside, they had the chance to play on the swing set and a few other backyard toys before everyone returned to their sequestered spots! 🔅

Super sweet.