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About Me


  • have just removed their kids from school and are feeling overwhelmed by too much internet info
  • have been homeschooling but their home life is full of endless arguing and frustration
  • have young children but are looking at the educational possibilities for their future
  • have teenagers who have been miserable in school but are afraid it might be too late for them to start homeschooling

I am a homeschooling/unschooling coach who works with parents who are frustrated with their current educational approach.

I provide the information parents are looking for and help them create a homeschooling plan that will actually work. 


I remember – all too well – what it was like when we first started this home education path with my own three (now grown) children. I would have loved having someone to talk to that UNDERSTOOD me!

So that's what I've created!

I’m taking my 20+ years of experience – and the years of seeing other people’s experiences too – to guide you to success. I want to help you get started on the right path or iron out the wrinkles if you’ve been homeschooling and it’s not working.

When I think back on what would have been most useful to me as a new-to-unschooling parent, I could have really benefitted from having a consultant-type person on standby for me as the kids moved into different phases! Reading articles and blogposts helps - but talking with someone who's done this before would have been like hitting the jackpot!

I might have hesitated initially, thinking that I should read more or DIY a little more. But inevitably, some fear would take hold and there I'd be pouring money into curriculum that wasn't ever going to work for us. I was panicking. And wasting money by not addressing the fears head on. I want to help you bypass all that!

Imagine what it will be like to have clarity and make your choices out of confidence instead of fear! 

I want that for you - and I can help you get there.

Sue is such an authentic person and someone who I truly admire and would want as part of my life. She is utterly trustworthy and knowledgeable without taking herself (or unschooling) too seriously. And I mean that is in the best way. Of course she is serious about unschooling but she also holds everything with soft hands and curiosity. 


I chose to work with Sue because her vibe matched mine. I was having SUCH a hard day and she told me via FB she was making scalloped potatoes. I said that I was gonna come over and she said “sure. See you whenever”. I cried and laughed and felt like she had my back and that I wasn’t a pain or annoying as a newbie. She is a very soothing and comforting person for me. Sue has such a gentle, kind, flexible and yet sensible approach to talking things through. I also found Sue to be very nurturing without being patronizing. She is also exceptionally generous with her wisdom on Facebook. I feel that Sue is genuinely on my team and less interested in correcting my flawed radical unschooling and more interested in gently guiding me towards fulfillment in my family and our life together.


I’m feel so much joy each week after our coaching call. There are so many real, lovely, loving people in Sue’s groups - and that is because of who she is. 

Becky, Oregon

Let’s Work Together!