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  • Are you thinking about unschooling and how it could work for your family?
    Just starting out?

    Or maybe you've been unschooling, something shifted and now you feel stuck.
    Unschooling Mom2Mom can help you figure it all out!

    Most of us were conditioned to think that “learning” has to look like school. But unschoolers have discovered differently.

    We consider unschooling to be no tests, no grades, no curriculum, no assignments, no required academic work. Parents are resource-finders, tour guides, role models, facilitators, partners, friends.

    It also helps if you're creative, positive, fun-loving, and are generally curious and excited about life!

    Here in this group, we might try to gently nudge you into seeing that learning is everywhere. Everyone is encouraged to speak respectfully and be gentle with each other.

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