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Get started with unschooling or get back on track with my guided series that covers common questions & struggles.

Each Guide will help you focus on setting up your home for unschooling,  deschooling yourself while learning more about applying unschooling principles,  and connecting better with the kids - all as it relates to that topic.

New Unschooling Guides are added each month!

Sue’s Monthly Unschooling Guides are an incredible resource for any level of unschooler, from beginners who are looking for more information to seasoned unschoolers who need some reassurance, affirmation, and support. Full of amazing information every month, it is clear that Sue pours her heart and soul into each one of her Guides. She is also always striving to continuously add to the plethora of resource options she offers, each at different price points to help others with a range of budget needs. With her kind and supportive demeanor, Sue is a valuable and greatly valued seasoned mentor in the Unschooling community. Thank you for all you do!!
~Jessica, Michigan

Sue's Unschooling Guides are a treasure trove for anyone wanting a deep into the world of life learning. Inside you'll find not one, but three maps for exploring and implementing new ideas. Concepts are teased out through the lens of your home, yourself and your kids, with the opportunity to reflect in each of those areas. While offering clear, thought-provoking guidance, Sue takes you on a journey of self-discovery that enables you to make choices that are best suited for your unique family. I love her style of coaching the answers from you rather than telling you what to do. Whether you are nervous about getting started with unschooling or just need a good nudge to get back on track, Sue's got you covered! 
~ Flo Gascon, California

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  • Homeschooled Teens: 75 Young People Speak about their Lives without School
    Homeschooled Teens: 75 Young People Speak about their Lives without School
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