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The Unschooling Guide - BURNOUT
The Unschooling Guide - BURNOUT

The Unschooling Guide - BURNOUT

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We all know that burned out feeling.
Are you experiencing it with regard to your homeschooling/ unschooling?
Or maybe you're not in full-fledged Burnout, but you've lost the joy and you don't know where it went! 
Let's work through it together. This full-color 27 page guide will help you figure out what went wrong and how to get back to where you want to be!

This Unschooling Guide about Burnout includes:
  • Tips for adding more joy in your home
  • Information about Hygge
  • A look at whether your community is actually supportive
  • Nine possible reasons for this burnout feeling
  • Practical suggestions for how to actually tackle burnout
  • Tons of activity ideas that may help
  • A look at whether burnout is affecting your children
  • A few inspirational memes ;)