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Unschooling Transcripts

Unschooling Transcripts

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Are you panicking at the idea of translating your unschooled teen's life into an academic transcript for college or trade school?

I'm taking my wildly popular Transcript Coaching Session and creating a workshop for even more people! You don't need "an expert" to show you how to translate everyday life into a standard-looking transcript - just someone who's done it before! 

This will be available by the end of May and will include:

  • Video recording of Live Workshop
  • Extensive workbook with ideas, examples, and suggestions
  • Bonus! Everything Counts ebook

I have some forms for you to complete prior to our session, and then we'll be ready to reach in there to see what subjects were actually covered!
I absolutely LOVE doing this - it's like doing a puzzle! So stop worrying and let's get this together!

Regardless of the age of your teen, I can help! 

Happy Clients:

"This was much easier (and less tedious) than I expected! Creating this transcript helped validate the experience he's gained through self-directed/delight-directed learning.
I'm so relieved! I was stressed out about this!
Reach out for help. You won't be disappointed."

~Tricia, Oklahoma

"Sue was a huge help with this daunting task.
I had put off making a transcript for so long
because I didn't know where to even begin.
I was surprised how quickly Sue put it all together to show my son has been learning these past 2 years. He was surprised to see the things he was learning could be deemed educational in so many areas.
This was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders!
We are so grateful for her help and knowledge."

~Beth, Arizona