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75 Ways to Connect with Your Teens

75 Ways to Connect with Your Teens

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Teens need to connect with you - and sometimes it’s hard to figure out how to do this.

Society promotes ideas that pit teens against their parents - and these may still lurk in your mind. When we make an attempt to interact but it is met with an eye-roll or less-than-thrilled reception, that’s sometimes all the confirmation bias we need: We’re sure that the parent/teen relationship we’d really like to have, is beyond our grasp. 

But keep trying!
Sometimes our timing or presentation is off - or they’re having a bad day.

Remember that deep down, they DO want to connect with you. It’s our job as parents to figure how to make that connection easier. 

Here are some ideas that you could try.

Take turns choosing the activity. Show your teen the list ahead of time and see if any items look more intriguing than others. 

I've separated it into ways you can connect while you're all at home - and ways you can connect outside your home when this pandemic is over.