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Support as you begin your unschooling journey.

Whether you’ve just pulled your child out of school or you’re a couple months into this, I know that you have a jumbled mix of emotions.

Excitement, nervousness, hopefulness, and maybe even just plain ole fear! That’s ok – you’re not alone! Everyone starts somewhere.

Are you asking yourself…

How can I find the resources they need?

Will I ever feel confident in this choice?

What have I gotten myself into?

 You're in the right place! 

I can help you find resources that will fit you and your family.  You have all sorts of options!

        • A DIY course with videos, resources and guided journaling
        • Group coaching programs with other unschooling parents on this journey
        • Resources like Unschooling Guides, workshops, ebooks
        • One-to-One sessions with your own private coach to inspire, guide, and encourage you
Let's do this together - why do it alone?
I love sharing the information and support you need for success with this unschooling adventure! 


 Get Your Questions Answered Now

My coaching sessions are the best way to get personalized to your situation and your specific concerns.   Even a single session can get you on the road towards confidence and success. 

Find Ongoing Support & Connect with Others!

Group coaching helps you have the support you need to start this new adventure!  Some communities have a lot of unschoolers - but most do not. Meeting weekly online with other parents on this unschooling journey can help you feel more connected. And, it's an inexpensive way to get coaching once a week! 

Sometimes new unschoolers simply want all the information in one place so they can learn what they need to be successful. The Jumping Into Unschooling Course provides the perfect solution for the DIY unschooler!

Common Questions We Address ...

  • Can children really learn everything they're going to need to know to be successful adults?
  • Would it be wrong to do a little curriculum as I'm learning more about unschooling?
  • What is "deschooling" and how long is it going to take?
  • How can I help my child find more joy in learning?
  • Does anyone have concerns about technology use?
  • Will I ever quit worrying?

I chose to work with Sue because I wanted someone more experienced to support my decision and reassure me during our transition to unschooling. I needed help staying in compliance in my school district. I needed more confidence in my decision too.

Coaching with Sue is a worthwhile investment because she's done it herself. She is an excellent encourager and was a tremendous help in reminding me of the bigger picture. She’s cheerful and understanding and wise. She has a very good grasp of the unschooling landscape. I'm so pleased to have worked with her through my beginner jitters. She is the voice of experience who helped us get of to a good feeling and stable start.

If you’re not sure about coaching, consider the value of having someone on your team. Sue can help you get to a place where you can truly experience all the benefits of the unschooling lifestyle. Most importantly, she can help you through the transition to living more authentically with your family.
~Stevie, VA

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