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Unschooling DIY

Email Guidance Every Week!

A Perfect DIY Unschooling Plan!

You're busy - I know how that feels!  

But you want to understand more about how unschooling can make your family life a little happier while the kids are learning. 

You just don't have time to sift through Facebook posts or get lost down some rabbit trail on the internet!

You may be brand new... or looking into transitioning from homeschooling to unschooling, or maybe you've been unschooling all along, but could use a little pep talk! 

No matter where you are on this Unschooling journey, if you like to get the information and look into it when you have time - this is perfect for you! 

What's Included with an Unschooling DIY Subscription?

  • A Monday Email from me
    • Unschooling guidance
    • Coaching inspiration
    • Unschooling Action Steps for the week
    • Fun ideas for ways to Learn
    • Guided worksheets for parents 
    • Calendar reminders
    • Bonus PDFs tossed in here and there!
    • A short PepTalk Podcast

  • The Strewing Calendar
    • Monthly Strewing Calendar - printable calendar with links and mini-celebrations for every day of the month

    • Weekly Coming this Week Reminders - email to help you keep track of everything PLUS give you some fun links for you to explore with the kids

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