Crash Course in Unschooling

Crash Course in Unschooling

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A 5-day email course, offered monthly, helping parents create a quick unschooling foundation.

Confidence Building!
Fear Busting!


Monday through Friday, you'll receive:

  • Information You Need to Lay the Groundwork
  • 50 page Workbook (gorgeous AND informative!(
  • Suggestions for Additional Resources

And as a BONUS on Friday, we wrap it up with a Zoom Call for those in the group. I'll b there to answer questions and make sure you have the resources for continuing on your unschooling journey.

My goal is to make something geared for the busy parent who doesn't have time to sift through webpages and wait for weekly Q & A's. Those are great - but this is more streamlined.


Upcoming Course Date:
July 13 - 17, 2020


Let's do this TOGETHER!