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The Unschooling Guide: New to Unschooling Bundle (Buy 4 Get 1 Free)
The Unschooling Guide: New to Unschooling Bundle (Buy 4 Get 1 Free)
The Unschooling Guide: New to Unschooling Bundle (Buy 4 Get 1 Free)
The Unschooling Guide: New to Unschooling Bundle (Buy 4 Get 1 Free)
The Unschooling Guide: New to Unschooling Bundle (Buy 4 Get 1 Free)

The Unschooling Guide: New to Unschooling Bundle (Buy 4 Get 1 Free)

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You're new to unschooling and you're ready to learn all you can about it, right?

I remember that feeling - and I can help you get started!

Spending a little time and energy on wrapping your brain around this unconventional approach to learning and parenting will save you so much trouble in the long run.

I want to make a special deal for YOU!
4 of the Unschooling Guides designed to help you get started - for the price of three! Now you can use the money you've saved here (plus all that money you don't have to spend on curriculum!) and put it toward something fun to do with your family!

  1. The New to Unschooling Guide

  2. The NOT Back-to-School Guide

  3. The Brainstorm Time! Guide

  4. The Quarantine! Homebound Learning Guide

Read more about each of the
Unschooling Guides
included in this package: 

New to Unschooling (Regular Price: $15

This Unschooling Guide is a 25-page full color pdf - more like a mini-magazine - just for those who are wondering how to make unschooling work in their homes with their families!

Here's what we'll explore in this Unschooling Guide:

  • Ways to set up your home
  • Creating a personalized philosophy about children and learning
  • Worksheets to help you explore and identify your own priorities
  • Ways to find education within everyday activities
  • Ways to get more unschooling support
  • How to identify your kids' strengths
  • The New Unschooler Checklist (New and improved!)
  • Memes & Inspiration
  • A Quick Resource Guide for ways I can help you

Not Back to School (Regular Price: $15

The Back-to-School time of year can bring up a lot of worries for many parents.  Even if you're bringing your child home from school at some point during the "school year," many of the exercises, suggestions and resources in this 25-page full-color guide will be soo helpful for you!  

When fears or concerns up, we need to pull back the curtains and get a good look at what’s back there! 

If you're new at this or feeling under-confident in general, here are a few of the things we'll discuss in this Unschooling Guide: 

  • Creating new traditions
  • Facing Naysayers
  • Identifying your own triggers
  • Redefining priorities
  • Guided journaling
  • Book Suggestions for Kids (that never mention school)
  • Action Plans
  • Problem-solving strategies

    Brainstorm Time (Regular price: $15)

    Now this Unschooling Guide is designed to be used at any time in the year - whenever you feel like you need a little help figuring out your next few steps. Involving the kids in the brainstorming will be empowering - and fun! 

    With 20 different areas to focus on, you'll certainly find something your family is ready to explore next! 

    • 20 topics to explore or activities to add to the calendar
    • 20 mini-essays from Sue Patterson on each of the topics
    • 20 pages of a Guided Workbook
    • Thought-provoking articles and videos for each topic - selected specifically with unschooling in mind
    • Pinterest links with even more to explore on every topic!
    • Inspiring quotes for each topic

    You're going to love it - and return to it often throughout the year!

      Quarantine! Homebound Learning (Regular Price: $15)

      Everyone is home with their kids these days. So that became the focus for this Unschooling Guide. Lots of food for thought, opportunities to journal, and lists of suggestions and resources to help you throughout this isolation time. 

      Topics that weave throughout this issue:

      💛 Creating a Positive Mindset Shift
      💛 Connecting with the Kids
      💛 Increasing the Playfulness in Your Home
      💛 Making Time for Gratitude
      💛 Finding Learning Opportunities in Hidden Places