Creating Confidence Membership - Private Group Coaching

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Imagine having an online support group  with an expert in unschooling guiding the conversations, offering resources and suggestions.  We meet weekly through a Zoom call where we discuss questions and obstacles that have popped up. 

And during the week, between the calls, the group offers resources and support as needed.  I can’t really express how lovely these people are to each other – truly caring and helpful.  If you’re needing a little more support than what you’re finding out there, this is the place for you.

If you're feeling isolated, this is the group for you.
So many benefits:

  • Weekly Coaching Calls
  • Weekly FB Livestream 
  • Online coaching in FB group
  • Supportive community of unschooling parents
  • Monthly Workshop or Guest Speaker
  • Monthly Unschooling Guides
  • Monthly Unschool Strewing Calendar 
  • In the News Newsletter
  • Huge "Vault" of resources Sue shares with this group

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