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My popular Creating Confidence Group Coaching program has new features specifically for families who are unschooling Teens and Preteens.

Take advantage of all of the great features of Creating Confidence, plus a Monthly Presentation and Q&A for your Teens, where they can ask real questions to someone who has been there!

In addition to this added support for your teens, you'll still have all of the great features of the Creating Confidence program: Imagine having an online support group  with an expert in unschooling guiding the conversations, offering resources and suggestions.  We meet weekly through a Zoom call where we discuss questions and obstacles that have popped up.  And during the week, between the calls, the group offers resources and support as needed.  I can’t really express how lovely these people are to each other – truly caring and helpful.  If you’re needing a little more support than what you’re finding out there, this is the place for you.

Each week, we have a group video conferencing call to check in,  help each other with questions, offer coaching and suggestions. It's recorded, in case you can't make the time slot. If you're feeling isolated, this is the group for you. Lot's of benefits:

    • Weekly Coaching Calls with our Creating Confidence Group
    • Weekly FB Livestream 
    • Online coaching in our Facebook Group
    • Monthly Workshop
    • Monthly Unschooling Guides
    • Monthly Calendar 
    • In the News Newsletter

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