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Now, on to the additional resource links... 

Language Arts...

Talking About Books by Talking About Movies

Boys & Writing 
Unschooled kids learn to write - without all the pressure and frustrations from traditional approaches. Read how this unschooling boy went from hating writing to a degree in Journalism!

Unschoolers learn to spellUnschoolers learn to read

Unschooling Guides for deeper exploration:


Unschooling Math collection of articles, videos, and ideas at UM2M
List of Games Unschoolers love: Unschooling Favorites
Creative Thinking in Math
Dragon Box Algebra App 12+
Marilyn Burns blog (books & games at Amazon)
Chrondala Calendar
Pam Sorooshian’s Quick Easy Math Games
Geometry in the Real World Project
TED-Ed Math in Real Life series
ViHart’s Giant List of Math videos
Math Talk: Mathematical Ideas in Poems for Two Voices (Theonni Pappas)
Google images for Math Jokes - text the graphics to the kids!

For Younger Siblings

Dragon Box Algebra app 5+
NumberJacks on YouTube
Peggy Kaye Math Games
Peggy Kaye’s website with downloadable PDF games/links
Pam Sorooshian’s Quick Easy Math Games
Reading Math Picture Books

Unschooling Guide on Learning Math + meme:

 Social Studies:

History & Geography & Economics

Every Day is Special

This Day in History

Top 10 Inventions that Changed the World

Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything My History Book Got Wrong

Applying Economics in Everyday Life





Frostbite Theatre

Pinterest Boards:

Stress Management 

Byron Katie: The Work 

Pinterest Board:


2 Helpful DIY Facebook Groups

What My Unschooler Is Learning When...

If you're curious about all the things your child/teen might be learning when they're playing something, this group is happy to point out all the learning involved.

For instance:
Watching Dr. Who = History! Science (space, physics) Literature for some episodes (Shakespeare, Dickens...) Optimism, Problem-solving, Ethics, Human Dignity, Philosophy.

 My Unschooler Is Interested In...

If your child/teen is interested in a particular topic, but you're struggling to figure out all the resources that could help them explore it more, you can ask in this group!