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We're Not Going Back to School

A lot of people have been enjoying their kids throughout the holiday break and are NOT looking forward to sending them back to school. And this isn’t just the parents, the kids have been dragging their feet and unhappy for some time now.

But homeschooling? Really? Are you kidding? Me?




Lots of kids are not thriving in the school system. I know this often makes my teacher friends defensive, but it’s a fact. Just like bullying, boredom, peer pressure, crowd control, over-testing, and labeling are facts. Despite the best efforts of many many teachers, all children do not thrive in a school setting. School resources are limited and politics has made their teaching jobs incredibly difficult. And while a huge percentage of American families are satisfied with their school, a decent number of parents are exploring their options.

Are you one of them?

Lots of people homeschool/ unschool now and the reasons are countless. It’s not just the realm of the religious or the hippies. Suburban parents are waking up and saying, “Enough!” The good news is that this awakening has been happening for a long enough time that we’ve been able to gather some data on some of these grown homeschoolers. I surveyed 75 of them and asked about what their lives were like as homeschooled teenagers.

Here’s a link if you want to read the book, Homeschooled Teens.

My kids are grown now, two in their 20’s (one already 30!) and happily pursuing their own dreams. They learned and grew and discovered so much more than they would have, if they had been in school for 12 years. It’s not that outrageous of an option. 

If your child is suffering in school, be their advocate.
Learn about the very real option of homeschooling.
School may seem like the only way to “get educated,” but that’s not true.
It’s just one way. And, in my opinion, not the best way. 


What if instead of dreading the spring semester, you and your kids were able to open up to all the creative possibilities that exist?

What if you just said, “No,” to the idea of going back to school?

If you want to talk over your options, I'm happy to do this!
A quick phone call may be all it takes to help you muster up the courage to do what your heart is telling you to do.

And, I have coaching support and DIY Resources to help you along the journey.

You don't have to do this alone.