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Unschooling and Mother's Day

Mother’s Day for unschooling moms may look different than it does for mainstream moms. Our newsfeed is full of mom/kid photos from Muffins with Moms events or cute worksheets where kids have described funny interpretations of what they think being a mom is all about.
Sometimes we have to shift a few thoughts in our minds about Mother’s Day – not unlike how we have to manage the Back-to-School craze. This past week, school kids celebrated their moms from afar. Their lesson plans talked about showing how they love their moms. They made gifts. They hosted Muffin Day (which realistically is only about an hour.) And true to form, it’s One-Size-Fits-All.
Unschooling moms are celebrating Mother’s Day in a multitude of ways. And for us, it’s not confined to one weekend in May. We have mini-celebrations of motherhood whenever we want! And our kids show us how much they love us all year long – sometimes in little ways, sometimes bigger demonstrations of how connected they are to us. And sometimes they show us through ways that don’t look great on social media – but we know they feel safe enough to show us their frustrations and melt-downs – how they really feel. They know, no matter what, their mom will love them. We’ve made it abundantly clear.
Instead of being irked with a newsfeed full of highly orchestrated connections between moms and their kids, be glad for their one token day of celebration. Unschooling moms have opted for so much more than muffins. #notallmomsneedmuffins

Two Things I Want to Mention...

Bad Childhood Memories

Some of us have less than stellar relationships with our moms. So Mother’s Day is hard. But let’s not give any more power to those thoughts and memories. Instead, let’s remind ourselves that we are doing this Mom Thing differently. We’re creating a different experience for our kids. Congratulate yourself for creating a warm loving home that your kids will remember forever.

Single Moms

Mother’s Day can be awkward for single moms – and my heart goes out to you! There’s no spouse running around making sure mom gets flowers or breakfast in bed. So – just like with everything else – single moms have to figure out how to get their needs met too.
Don’t wait to see if the kids come through – we all know they might not. But if you think about what YOU would really like, to celebrate motherhood, go ahead and do it for yourself. Set the stage so the kids will do it with you.
  • Bake the cake – let them decorate it.
  • Pre-make something for breakfast – can they remember to bring it to you? If not, set yourself up in the comfy-est place and indulge.
  • Use the worksheets in the attached PDF, to hear what the kids are thinking. You can ask the questions that are on the page yourself – while you eat the muffins you’ve all made together! And if you have to ask someone else to complete them with the kids – that’s ok too!!!
Because here’s the thing – you are a mother worth celebrating!

How Do I Love Thee? Let me count the ways…

Let’s start a collection of all the way your child shows how much they love you:
  • When they snuggle in next to you – later at night or later in the morning a the bus rolls by. They want their mama.
  • When they hand you their latest artistic masterpiece – “ A Gift for you, Mom!”
  • When they accomplish a new skill – that you get to be right there watching (as opposed to reading about it in a progress report) “Look what I did!, Mom!!
  • Or maybe it’s just a last minute glance your way to see if you’re looking – that quick little sparkle between the two of you.
  • What else? Add it in the comments! Or over at Instagram!
And this is not to say that parents of school kids don’t get to experience these things. But unschooled moms have made Connection and Relationship a priority in their family – so we have so many more opportunities – all year long!

A Mother’s Day Gift for You!

A Free Guide
I made a a quick downloadable Mother’s Day Guide for you.
If you have high hopes for Mother’s Day but you know it’s not going to live up to they hype… or if you’d like to reframe MD in your head, so you’re focusing on what matters TO YOU, grab this guide.

It’s linkable from here