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The Power of Social Media for Unschoolers

When I first started with social media, I was so excited at the opportunity to connect with so many other unschoolers. I was no longer limited geographically - if I lived somewhere remote (and we did a couple of times), I'd always have my computer access to people!

What I discovered was that the big Facebook groups or Instagram can give you a quick pick-me-up. They can even be a source for inspiration and information.
But then something was still missing. Many groups were so big that they lacked a real connection. They didn't offer the benefits of a true support group. 
So! Leave it to me - if it's not there, I'll create it! Years of unschooling habits are hard to break. ;)

That's where these two support groups come in.


This group emerged from a course we did in 2017. The group members had grown close and they didn't want to lose touch. Their compassion and understanding for each other - and their openness to others who are stepping out into unschooling - is truly amazing and very likely EXACTLY what you need. We have a couple of face-to-face get-togethers online during the week, and also a ton of resources in a private membership group.
  • Monday Morning FB Livestream
  • Weekly Video Group Coaching Calls  
  • Online coaching in FB group
  • Supportive community of unschooling parents
  • Monthly Workshop or Guest Speaker
  • Monthly Unschooling Guides
  • Monthly Unschool Strewing Calendar 
  • In the News Newsletter
  • Huge "Vault" of resources Sue shares with this group
    • Past Guest Speaker recordings
    • Sue's Conference talks
    • Workbooks, ebooks 
    • ...and more!




This group came about because the Unschooling Mom2Mom FB group had hit 30K members and it was too big to create a supportive environment for everyone that really needed it. This group has a lot of benefits, resources, and online coaching. But the biggest plus is that it's a safe place for families to step into unschooling surrounded by other parents who are doing the same thing. I'm in there helping with questions, and online with a face-to-face "Ask Me Anything" once a month.
  • Free flowing Q & A online
  • Monthly FB Livestream
  • Weekly In the News Newsletter
  • Monthly Unschooling Guides
  • Monthly Strewing Calendar 
  • Monthly Book Discussion
  • Celebrating Wins!