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More Happiness Please

What are we all looking for?

More joy. More happiness. Right?

So I’ve been reading some easy ways to bring happiness to the forefront of my brain and I want to share it here with you. It all seems to start with Gratitude.

This particular idea comes from Liz Gilbert, author and inspirational speaker. She shared it on her Facebook page here. And now I want to share the gist of the idea here with you!

It's                     a simple doable task with a major payoff at the end of the year. And from what I’ve been reading, it’s going to start way sooner than December 31st. Making the conscious choice to focus on the good things happening each day, has a giant impact on our overall outlook.

It’s like the Buddhist saying,

Turn Your Face Toward the Light 

Let's Create The Happiness Jar.

(or you can call it the Gratitude Jar)
Want to join me?

1. Every day, write down the happiest moment of your day on a slip of paper.
2. Put it in the jar.

These small activities are going to shift our focus and impact our lives. Even on bad days, look for something good to add to your jar. It’s going to seem insignificant – until they start adding up.

3. Then on New Year’s Eve, pull them out and read them.

Remind yourself of the good things that happened throughout the year.
Easy. Handy. 

This jar, because you can see through it, will be evidence that good things are crossing your path.
And then you’re strengthening that muscle that helps you see them.

Think of them as little gifts in your life. Grace, maybe?
They’re there, we just have to notice them.


First published 01/03/16