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Some Common Questions...

Q. Is Unschooling different from Homeschooling?

A. It is. Homeschoolers tend to duplicate school with subjects, tests, teacher-driven lesson plans. 
Unschoolers know that all humans are hard-wired to learn. So instead, we focus on strengths and interests, exploring curiosities, partnering with our children on what they want to learn.

Q. Can I start Unschooling if my kids are older?

A. Yes! It's never too late! All kids want that connection with their parents (even if they're not showing it right away) and want to explore their own interests.

Q. Do you have a book?

A. Why yes, I do! Thank you for asking!
Homeschooled Teens: 75 Young People Speak about Their Lives without School

Q. Can an average mom from the suburbs do this?

A. Of course! I did! My kids are all grown now, with families, degrees, businesses. They loved their childhood - and doors were not closed for them!




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