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Some Common Questions...

Q. Is Unschooling different from Homeschooling?

A. It is. Homeschoolers tend to duplicate school with subjects, tests, teacher-driven lesson plans. 
Unschoolers know that all humans are hard-wired to learn. So instead, we focus on strengths and interests, exploring curiosities, partnering with our children on what they want to learn.

Q. Can I start Unschooling if my kids are older?

A. Yes! It's never too late! All kids want that connection with their parents (even if they're not showing it right away) and want to explore their own interests.

Q. Do you have a book?

A. Why yes, I do! Thank you for asking!
Homeschooled Teens: 75 Young People Speak about Their Lives without School

Q. Can an average mom from the suburbs do this?

A. Of course! I did! My kids are all grown now, with families, degrees, businesses. They loved their childhood - and doors were not closed for them!





















Worried about that Thanksgiving Zoom Call?

I have some suggestions in this blogpost:
Unschooling, Thanksgiving & Zoom Calls

Here are additional resource links that correlate with the questions asked on Monday, November 2, 2020.

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Typical Unschooling Day

    Unschooling and Reading

    Feeling Like You're Not Doing Enough

    Understanding How Unschooling Works in the Real World

    Unschooling Little Ones

    Unschooling Through Teen Years




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    Unschooling Guide: New to Unschooling


    This Unschooling Guide is a 25-page full color pdf - more like a mini-magazine - just for those who are wondering how to make unschooling work in their homes with their families!

    Here's what we'll explore in the Guide:

    • Ways to set up your home
    • Creating a personalized philosophy about children and learning
    • Worksheets to help you explore and identify your own priorities
    • Ways to find education within everyday activities
    • Ways to get more unschooling support
    • How to identify your kids' strengths
    • The New Unschooler Checklist (New and improved!)
    • Memes & Inspiration
    • A Quick Resource Guide for ways I can help you






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    • Journaling pages
    • Suggestions for Additional Resources

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    Unschooling Guide: Strewing

    Over the years, so many have asked how to use strewing in their unschooling homes.

    I’ve created an Unschooling Guide all about Strewing!
    Here's what you'll find inside this month's guide:

    • What Strewing is - and what it isn’t!

    • Suggestions for ideas and ways to strew in your home.

    • The importance of kids being able to refuse those oh-so-wonderful strewing “opportunities” you’ve set out.

    • Journaling pages to figure out how strewing can work in your home

    • What's going on if you’re trying to use strewing to gently “nudge” the kids toward areas you believe to be important.

    • Resources, links, and more!

















    Unschooling Guide: QUARANTINE! Homebound Learning
    Everyone is home with their kids these days. So that became the focus for this Unschooling Guide. Lots of food for thought, opportunities to journal, and lists of suggestions and resources to help you throughout this isolation time. 
    Topics that weave throughout this issue:

    💛 Creating a Positive Mindset Shift
    💛 Connecting with the Kids
    💛 Increasing the Playfulness in Your Home
    💛 Making Time for Gratitude
    💛 Finding Learning Opportunities in Hidden Places





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    FREE PDF: 100 FREE Ideas/Activities to Do with Kids at Home


    FREE PDF: A Realistic Guide to Structure


    Blogpost: Coronavirus Turned Us into Homeschoolers - NOW WHAT?



    I've created a page that will hold all resources specific to our "shelter in place" directives due to COVID-19. 


    The January Unschooling Guide is an
    Unschooling Planner
    for the year!
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    Is Homeschooling/Unschooling an Option for Your Family?
    Naysayers and Rude Relatives
    Building an Unschooling Nest

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