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Getting Started Unschooling

When we first start to think about unschooling, it’s scary for most of us. We’re so used to relying on “experts” to handle everything. The idea of taking responsibility for ourselves usually doesn’t sit that well with us. We’ve been conditioned to believe that we’re not really capable and we NEED those experts.
But that’s simply not true.
Your children learned to walk and talk without formal instruction. They can learn so much with you as a partner and a guide. And what makes unschooling great is that they won’t just learn a collection of facts they may or may not ever need. They will amass a collection of knowledge that’s unique for each child. That’s what a TRULY individualized learning plan is.
So, for those still nervous, read, read, READ! Read about unschooling, deschooling, how people overcome obstacles… and then jump in.
Here’s what I’d start with:

Take all cues from your child – they will tell/show you what their interests are and then you will know what the next step is.  Don’t be swayed by the marketing powers of curriculum! You don’t need THEM to tell you what your child is interested in learning more about. Do you wonder why we’re so drawn to curricula? Then read this: The Curriculum Crutch.

Play a lot of games – whatever interests them. This too will give you a lot of clues about what they like and it helps foster a connection between the two of you. (See a collection of favorites!)

Know that CONNECTING with your kid is the most important thing you can do. When they can turn to your for help and advice – without worrying that you’re trying to manipulate or mold them – then they really get to thrive with unschooling. Here’s my quick look back at If I Knew Then What I Know Now. 

Know that learning happens all the time. In all kinds of ways. And the school version of delivery is only ONE way. Think about how you learned before and after you were in school… that’s what unschooling is like.

Start with reading about Deschooling. It will help you separate Learning from Teaching…. Real Life from School Life. Giantly different perspectives.

Create a happy learning environment  an unschooling nest at home. What makes everyone happy?

Learning happens forever. For the person’s ENTIRE life! You have no finish line that you’re trying to race for. Your child has no reason to learn any particular thing by a certain time.



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