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Extra Support For Parents Stuck at Home

If you're here because you feel like you're floundering - you're in the right place! I have all sorts of resources to help you out.

10 Tips to Survive a Quarantine

One of the benefits of unschooling is that we spend a lot of time figuring out what works and what doesn't. Now - whether you unschool or not - you can benefit from the information gathered!

A Realistic Solution to Structure (PDF)

If you're fretting over schedules and routines all being tossed out the window because of all this isolation, I made something to help you. A very loose way to schedule your day, being flexible and owning the fact that kids and grownups all have changing needs!

Quarantine Resources for Parents

If you're interested in my growing list of resources to help families coping with the isolation of COVID 19, this page has a lot of links. 

More Facebook Groups to Join!

A variety of really awesome Facebook groups have popped up to help parents navigate through the Coronavirus Isolation period we're all experiencing. 

Here are a few that I believe you'll enjoy!

Playful Parenting for Reluctant Homeschoolers

Calm & Centered: A Parenting & Education Summit for Surviving the Isolation

Mom I Am Bored

Temporary Homeschoolers

Unschooling Support & Resources

If you aren't "reluctantly" homeschooling, and you'd like to get daily resources and connection with others on this unconventional path, you can join us in my coaching group for only $5/month! Sign Up!

Unschooling Mom2Mom Support & Resources