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Creating Confidence - Parents of Teens

My popular Creating Confidence Group Coaching program added new features specifically for families who are Unschooling Teens!

  • Two EXTRA Group Coaching Calls per month!
  • Themes/topics determined by group members
  • Collection of articles that pertain to the teen years


The upcoming themes include:
~ Relationships between parents and teens
~ Friends
~ Money Management
~ Jobs/Applications/Interviews
~ Going to College
~ How to get ready for Adulthood
~ Technology use
~ Hobbies/Interests
~ Life skills

It's hard to find other unschooling parents who have teens. The pressure to abandon unschooling ways can sometime seem more intense too. Having a community of like-minded parents - even when they might be at different places along the unschooling path - is really helpful.

Plus all the benefits of the Creating Confidence Membership program:

Imagine having an online support group with an someone who's been there guiding the conversations, offering resources and suggestions. 

We meet weekly through a Zoom call (2 different time slots to accommodate various time zones) where we discuss questions and obstacles that have popped up, offer coaching and share suggestions. It's recorded, in case you can't make the call. If you're feeling isolated, this will help!

During the week, between the calls, the group offers resources and support as needed with chats via WhatsApp and our private Facebook group.

We're so fortunate to have collected such a caring and helpful group of parents in this group.  If you’re needing a little more support than what you’re finding out there, this is the place for you.

In addition to all the resources we provide for families searching for information and confidence, we have a section on the website dedicated to topics parents of teens want. 

  • Workshop recordings
  • Videos 
  • Book Clubs
  • All the past Unschooling Guides & PDFs
  • Articles
  • Journaling pages and worksheets (for parents)
  • Even a document to help teens connect
  • The monthly Unschool Strewing Calendar (with weekly updates)
  • In the News weekly email and article clearinghouse

I'm here to help you become more confident!