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8 Strategies to Help Stressed Out Moms


A Strategic Plan for Stressed Out Moms

If you feel like you’re going nuts trying to run your own business and do some semblance of education for your kids, here are eight strategic tips that will help. 

  1. If the school is asking too much of you and your child - tell them. They won’t make changes if they think everyone is satisfied. Let them know (kindly but firmly) that you are not satisfied.
    And… if they’re being rigid or uncooperative, could you withdraw them from the school, officially homeschool, and then re-enroll them in the Fall? It does seem that there’s an enormous variety in how schools are handling this. If yours is focusing more on bureaucracy and less on your child’s best interest, you do have this option.

  2. Notice if you are putting more pressure on yourself than you need to. What would be a “good enough” situation with regards to the kids’ studies? You don’t have to be an overachiever in this crazy time - or beat yourself up if you’re not!

  3. Focus more on how your kids are managing their stress. Are they absorbing yours? Or are they feeling pretty good about the situation? Prioritize connecting with your children over connecting with the school.

  4. Recognize that this isn’t homeschooling at all. Homeschooling parents are able to make their own decisions about the day. They have all sorts of flexibility. And most of all, they can get out of the house and do fun things! It’s not that home isn’t fun, but sometimes everyone needs a change of scenery- and we can’t have that right now.

  5. Giving your child some undivided attention at the start of your day may help them with feeling that their cup is full. This will often buy you some uninterrupted time. And, you may have to do this a couple of times throughout the day. Think of it as a preemptive strike!

  6. Take 3 minutes to do some deep breathing. For real. Getting more oxygen will help you approach everything with more calmness and less panicky.

  7. Make a list of the things you are feeling most upset about. Can you think of three DO-able action items for each? Be realistic. This may help you get “unstuck.”

  8. Make a list of the things that are going right. Is your child feeling more content and happy with their days? Are you able to have a little more time with them instead of rushing out the door to get them to some extracurricular activity? Think of a few positives before you go to bed to help yourself get a more restful sleep. Win-win!
This won't be forever. But it will be one of those time periods that your kids will remember.
Sometimes we need to stop ourselves from getting swept up in worry or negative emotions. Our kids need us to have a level head and be good advocates for them.
We don't have to add a ton to our plates to be sure that the memories of the Pandemic of 2020 - or however it will someday be remembered - are good ones.



* If you'd prefer to share these strategies with friends that could benefit, you can share the link or use this linkable PDF:  8 Strategies to Help Stressed Out Working Moms