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8 Problems with Using Curriculum

Lots of people really like the idea of allowing children to learn freely. Although the unschooling philosophy sounds good, they haven’t completely deschooled, so doubts and insecurities creep in. 


8 Problems with Using Curriculum for Unschooling - Full Copy Text Below

1. You insert someone else between you and your child.  Since your child is standing right in front of you, trust that YOU can see what they need or want to learn more about. 

2. You trade a watered down third person narrative ABOUT life for actually living the life in front of you and your child. 

3. You try to fit your child into the curriculum instead of creating a learning environment unique to your child. 

4. You stop your own curiosity as you look for cool opportunities to share with your child, and instead trust that the curriculum knows best.  

5. You become a warden, inforcing the curriculum package on your child.  Your child tries to assert himself, explore his own curiosity and you focus on snuffing that out so the all-important curriculum can be followed. 

6. You tell your child that YOU know what's best for him, and he cannot trust himself. 

7. You stay with the curriculum even if you discover it isn't working that well for your child, because of the money spent on it. 

8. Instead of moving toward more confidence, you move toward more dependency. 

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